Tips On Helping Your Child Adjust To Moving Overseas At A Very Young Age – February 22nd, 2018

Moving overseas, either for studies or work, is simple enough until you have to add a child or a few children to the mix. Then things a little more complex. Here are a few tips on helping your young child adjust to moving overseas…

 Make the trips and the moving homes part enjoyable to them

 Leaving a home and home country for work is not that unusual now-a-days; but despite how normal it is, the entire experience is no less scary to us. so it goes without saying that the entire adventure might be scary and worrying to your children. While very young kids might not really understand in the beginning, they will feel it when the time approaches when they have to say their good byes. Try to make this entire experience less scary; speak enthusiastically (but don’t exaggerate too much) about your new home and home country. Make plans to visit places that they will find interesting; like local parks and tourist spots.

 Help them learn the language and the customs

 If you are moving to a country that speaks a language very different from your own, then this should be one of your biggest concerns regarding your children. For example, if your new home speaks English and Chinese primarily, try to make it easier for your child to learn these languages. Primary school Chinese tuition can easily be found now-a-days; and individual attention means your child will pick up the language quicker. Don’t forget that it is vital for you to learn the language as well; whether it is to communicate with your postman¾or to help your child with his homework.

 Provide them with the chance of making friends

A home tuition agency can help your child to communicate with the friends they will eventually make; but it is also vital that you provide them with chances for them to make friends. Like we mentioned above, take them to parks and other interesting spots; and encourage them to make friends. It is important that you make a few friends as well especially with your neighbors and people in your local community. This will help you feel confident about sending them to the neighborhood houses to visit. 

 Have a stable way to communicate with the friends and family they leave behind

 While it is very important that you make new friends, it is just as vial to keep a strong connection with those who you leave behind. Even if your child is not old enough to have friends, they will still miss their grandparents and perhaps their cousins as well. Make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection in your new home; making it easier for you to keep regular and clear contact with your family and friends.


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