Pros Of Engaging Your Children In Extra- Curricular Activities – February 14th, 2018

In a fast moving world we live, the society is so concerned about training their children how to make money, how to be the first in the class, how to be the batch top and how to be the CEO of a company and boss the employees. But most of the parents out there don’t understand it is very crucial to develop the aesthetic abilities or skills in your little one. Identifying their potential is something that is very important. This doesn’t not necessarily have to be through their family, but it can be through their nursery teacher or caretaker as well. But most of the times it is parents who identify the capabilities of their daughter or son and help them polish such skills.

Well being

There are around three kinds of well beings which is mainly, social, physical and mental well-being. Letting your children engage in such activities will help them improve all these well being which is important for their growth as a person. This extra-curricular activity can be even introduced as a hobby and can stand out as an incentive in future. If you have difficulties in identifying the skills for your child you can always try out everything and send them to best badminton classes in Singapore and see if they perform well. Most places not just train the kids right after they are enrolled, they make a frame work or schedule which is specially designed for the particular child. That way, if he or she doesn’t perform as much as expected they can always change their program. People should be made well aware of the health benefits that comes after engaging in a sport which is indoor or outdoor. But what they quiet fail to understand is no matter what if they keep on restricting their child from going out doors and getting involved in activities like this, once they grow up they are going to regret it big time. Now that blame is going to be put on parents, obviously!


Most people think, they can gain a peace of mind only when they meditate , that’s not true! Yes, meditation helps you to bring a peace of mind but it’s not the only remedy. You should let your young ones try out sports and assess the amount of peace it brings to their life.  Make them take badminton lessons at least once in every week, so that it will teach them what is discipline, it will also make them sweat, which is vital for every human being. Most people think, just going on a diet will reduce their weight.

Well, it does partially but exercising to sweat is way more important.  This helps them stay way from most kind of diseases and common social issues faced by the kids these days. They can say bye to obesity happily once it becomes a routine.

Thus, know the pros first and then start motivating them!


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