How To Make Money Off Your Invention – February 19th, 2018

We live in great comfort now thanks to the great inventors of the past. Inventors of our age push humankind even forward and for this, they should be compensated. As an inventor, it is very possible to make money off your inventions. With a little bit of work and perseverance, your brainchild will give you riches. Here are some things you can do to make money off your inventions.

Before anything get your rights.

Before you even think of showing your invention to anyone fill out a patent application and get your invention registered. This way it will be your asset in the eyes of the law and no one will be able to misuse it. This will also allow more power to you when it comes to negotiation and will make sure that no one will benefit from copying your intention. Although it is a lengthy process it is well worth the effort.

Sell it and make a fortune.

If your intention is good enough with the proper buyer you can make a fortune. This is the aspiration of many inventors. However, this is not a yellow bricked road that leads to overnight riches. Proper research and marketing on your part is very important and remember not to sell yourself short. However, this does not mean that you should be delusional as to what you can earn.

Sell the rights and see it grow.

If you have an international trademark registration in Thailand you have the ability to sell right for your invention to be created and sold all over the world and let the money come in. This will not only ensure that you will get a longterm stream of passive income, you will also have more control as to who uses your invention and how they do it. Although this requires more work from your side, the benefits are worth it.

Make it on your own.

With the help of some investors or your own financing, you can be the head of your own business. This method is practically easy for the host of internet-based technology and inventions as it does not require a lot of specialized knowledge in many fields. The startup ecosystem is growing at a fast pace and it is the perfect time for inventors to take things into their own hands and take full control. This will obviously be a lot of work, but having total control over your invention along with the glory that comes with it is truly priceless.

Inventing can be a rewarding experience both internally and externally and for those who persevere and monetise it, it can be a literal gold mine.


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