Tips For Becoming An English Home Tuition Teacher – July 28th, 2014

Teaching English at home is about sharing information. In order to be successful in teaching English it is a must that you bring your personality, knowledge and experience to the lesson. Your student is going to stay at home so you are going to be welcoming a host. Home tutors are paid according to the number of hours they are going to teach and the subjects they are teaching. Parents should not hire tutors who do not have any experience teaching at home. If you want to become a home tuition tutor there are a few tips that you have to consider.

Use experience that you have

There are a lot of people who come to English language teaching after having a successful career and experience in other fields, but most of the time you can draw on these skills when you teach. The best home tuition teacher is the one who has a background in a certain area like sports, administration, marketing and engineering. Students do their level best to match with teachers.

Your working hours

The benefit of home tuition is flexibility in timing. If you are working the whole day you can decide to teach after work or weekends. After deciding the right time to teach, you can start to negotiate with parents concerning the days that you are going to be available. For more details, click here

Hospitality is vital

Feeling relaxed and welcomed is vital for learning. It is also important for successful home stay. It is easier to get carried away with getting through your planned lessons. But from a student point of view the most vital thing is feeling comfortable as a guest. Home stay is intensive and the teacher and the student are going to spend time together. For the student this might be the first time away from the family. The student might be worried on a few issues like the right etiquette at meal or using the bathroom. Discussing cultural differences is a vital subject for conversation.

It is not a must that you are a linguist

Hosting students need a lot of skills and most of them are not related to language. Having an interest in people is vital as understanding grammar. But it is imperative to find out about the language of the student. Most languages have the same building blocks this is not a surprise. Teaching English is going to teach you about other languages.

Be patient

It is vital to review what you have been taught. Never expect the learner to use a new language well after being taught. Language should be digested for a few days, weeks and months. When you become more experienced you are going to develop an intuition for what should be covered.

Use local area

If you want to offer English home tuition starting thinking of what you will see and do. It makes a lot of sense if you are going to integrate lessons with activities. You can also find out from here any type of home tuition agency in Singapore within your local area about how to become a professional tuition expert.


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