Dos And Don’ts During Your Pregnancy – March 12th, 2018

There was a positive and there were tears of joy. This is the beginning of anyone’s journey of conception. Before long you will be counting your little baby’s toes and fingers. Now we are all familiar with the common taboos during pregnancy. Definitely no booze or no smoking. But surprisingly there are other precautions that a pregnant woman should take other than rejecting a glass of red wine. Here are few dos and don’ts for a healthy and a safe pregnancy.

Do take prenatal tablets

Although a healthy balanced diet could seem satisfactory, sometimes the required nutrients are not enough for pregnant mothers. Prenatal tablets such as folic acid is necessary for the baby’s growth. It is even recommended to take these when you’re planning for a baby or even before you become pregnant. Omega 3 fish oil Singapore is recommended by experts as these prevent birth defects and helps develop the baby’s brain.

Don’t eat undercooked meat

Undercooked meat could have salmonella that can be harmful. Eating lean meat is a good way to get protein to you and your baby. But raw meat can have bacteria and infections that can cause complications.

Do exercise

This may come as a surprise to you as we have all been told that even walking out of bed would cause a miscarriage. That myth has been busted decades ago and gynecologist recommends expecting mothers to visit the yoga and the fitness center. This can help you with the weight issues, mood swings and occasional cramps that you get.

Don’t take tablets without approval

There are people without MBBS that would fill your head with different types of prenatal. But you should remember that certain types of medications and taking higher doses of tablets can cause side effects to the baby. If you’re sick during pregnancy, contact your obstetrician and not anyone else. She will be able to advise you if certain painkillers are okay to continue with. Get medications from a supplement store that the doctor has prescribed for you.

Do visit your dentist

It’s important that you have regular checkups with your dentist to rule out any kind of gum infections. This may seem unrelated to pregnancy and might come as a big surprise to you. Infact, your mother would have banned you from visiting the dentist for the whole nine months. This is because of the old belief that the drilling could spread bacteria harming the new life. But today it is recommended to visit your dentist and have regular checkups.

Skip the caffeine and avoid the hot tubs. Your body is a temple that needs to be taken care of. For the rest of the 9 months it’s essential that you keep track of your weight and have a routine checkup with the doctor. You are now ready to meet your little miracle.


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