Common Mistakes When Planning A Party – February 14th, 2018

There are a few common mistakes that we make when planning a party that can directly or indirectly affect the smooth flow of the party. It is always good to ensure that certain things are taken care of when planning. It might look insignificant but can have a huge impact on the overall result. We don’t want these things that were overlooked causing any trouble on the day. So here are a few mistakes to avoid when planning the party.

Account for extra guests

It’s always advisable to leave a provision for extra guests. You never know how many more friends of friends are going to tag along. If all activities and food are planned for exactly the guest list the extra number will disrupt the activities of the day. It will make the guests feel uneasy too. Why put yourself in that spot, just make room for a few extra.

Avoid preparing food during the event

We all get excited on the day and tend to go about in a frenzy trying to see if everything is in order and where do we run back to? The kitchen. A definite NO NO!! Do not get busy preparing food that you miss out on the function. It is without a doubt important to have everything in order but not at the expense of your enjoyment. While ordering decorations from a party shop why not cater the food to avoid the hassle? Even the guests who see you running around are going to feel bad for you and volunteer to help. You either prepare ahead or cater. There are only two options here people.

Finish up decorations a couple of hours before the party

Let’s admit it. Most of us wait till the last minute to finish up important tasks. This proves to be fatal in cases where you can’t finish off at the given time. Same goes when doing birthday decorations Singapore. We all like to wait till the very last minute to start putting up lights and hanging accessories. The end result is a shoddy job and awkward guests unsure whether to help you or sit and wait until you’re done. So do everyone a big favour and start early. It is important that everything is ready at least an hour before the party giving you plenty of time to dress up as well. 

Budget for extra expenses

A must do when planning is creating a budget. While doing this don’t forget to keep a provision for unforeseen emergencies. Suppose you don’t have adequate food for guests as you didn’t account for extra guests. If there is a provision of cash waiting to be used you’re saved! You can never be too prepared when it comes to these things. This takes the weight off your shoulders as well. At the end of the day parties are for your enjoyment so why leave space for stress. If you are interested about birthday party supplies you can visit this website

So there it is! I hope this helps. We want to help you in any way to organize the perfect stress free party. You deserve a good time too. So avoid these mistakes and everything will go exactly as planned. Good luck!


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