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Visual Instructions – 15. July, 2014

Technology fascinates me. As an elementary school science teacher, I share my students’ curiosity about the world – how things work, how’s it done, how does something look upside down, or inside out – and the answers always lead to more questions. I also love to share my discoveries with the class.

When the 3D printing service shops opened just a block from my home, I could not stop myself to go and explore the place. I introduced myself and asked if it would be okay to allow my class to have a tour. The manager said it was fine just as long as their kids don’t touch anything, and that they can still conduct their business as usual.

The following morning I explained to the class the wonderful opportunity waiting to be explored. Before the class ended, I distributed the parental consent forms and asked them to bring a small object that they want to see as 3D printed miniatures. The following Monday, we were off to our wonderland.

In the shop, the manager was kind enough to personally take us on tour. We saw and learned how 3D printing works. It was explained how the 3D scanner copies objects and how the 3D modeling program creates a digital file of the scanned copy. We watched in fascination how the printer, layer by layer, creates a replica of the other object. The students took turns getting their small stuffs scanned, digitized, and then materialized.

It was one of the most interesting field trips we ever went to. In fact, that was the beginning of my addicting to 3D printed miniatures. I use these 3D objects for my classes. Textbook pictures, study posters and video clips aren’t as effective as 3D printed objects at capturing the attention of 7-year olds and making them want to learn.

The other day we were discussing basic human digestive system. I had specially prepared 3D printing, medical props for the lesson. The staff at the shop was brilliant in creating a virtual design of the images from the textbook and created for me a digital file that will be fed to the printer. It was a vertical cross-section of the human body showing the organs involved in the digestive system. But it was like a puzzle as well, with the 3D printing medical organs (stomach, kidney, liver, and spleen) can be removed to peek into what’s inside the body and be placed back in the exact order as they are “arranged” inside our real bodies. I have never seen the digestive system become very interesting to children.

That is how I teach these days. It may cost more than my traditional visual aids, but the 3D objects are sturdy enough to last me a few more school years. In fact, I see it as an investment. What better return for a teacher than know her students are learning with enthusiasm?

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Maximizing Potential Through Useful Software – 15. July, 2014

A great deal of software is being distributed for purposes that will serve the interest of a company. The software may vary in the way they are written, but they are generally used to improve a company’s operations. For example, an enterprise that sells various products and goods will best use a retail pos. By making use of a POS (Point of Sale), the company will be able to accommodate more customers, thus, greatly increasing their revenue. Furthermore, in a world where computers are very widespread, it is very important to keep up with new market trends to stay on top of a competition. Such is the case for small – scale companies. For that reason, check this out here for paperless office solutions small business is being offered by companies that expertise in the creation of bespoke software.

Bespoke software

Basically, a bespoke software is one that is written specifically for a company. Contrary to the usual retail pos that may be categorized as specialized packages, tailor – made software address more specific problems that are being faced by a company. The features of such software are designed to answer problems that are encountered on a regular basis. Ultimately, if it is utilized properly, it will lead to customer satisfaction, and of course, revenue.

Why tailor – made software?

  • One-time payment. If your company is still making use of the manual means of operations, then you are spending too much on paper. Consider how much you’re spending on paper for all of the reports and other requirements, surely, that will add up to a lot of money at the end of a fiscal year. To solve that, paperless office solutions small business, specifically, bespoke software is best utilized. It might be a lot of money at first, but in the long run, it will greatly reduce the cost of operations. More so, it will greatly improve the overall operation of a company.
  • Maximizing potentials. If a store makes use of this website for retail POS in Singapore or a bespoke software like an inventory system, it will be able to cater to more customers and the monitoring of the stocks will be a whole lot easier. So basically, more transactions can be accommodated, thus, more people will be served. That greatly contributes to increasing revenue, minimizing errors. Again, that is the best way to maximize the resources of a company.
  • Data processing. Utilizing a software that is tailor – made for the company also means being able to keep and retrieve records with relative ease. More so, reports can be generated easily if every bit of data is readily available.

The very rationale of computerization and utilization of software is to increase work efficiency and reduce the errors. With just that, a company will be able to greatly improve its means of operations. Again, that is very important nowadays, especially if the company wants to stay ahead of its competitors.

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The App Developing Industry Is Rapidly Growing And Flourishing With Each Passing Day – 16. December, 2013

The invention of new gadgets and electronic devices seem to have increased the human dependency on technology furthermore. When mobile or cellular phones came into existence, they were used mainly for making and receiving calls and exchanging text messages. With the rapid change in technology, smart phones have managed to gain a considerable amount of popularity lately. When we talk about smart phone, we cannot deny the important role the mobile applications or Apps play. With the invention of smart phones, carrying out official work, making conference calls has become easier. The smart phones also play a crucial role in providing us with entertainment and refreshment. The modern and sophisticated mobile Apps should be given credit for making the smart phones so people friendly. The mobile app development in Singapore seems to be flourishing with each passing day since smart phones came into existence

Mobile android app developer in Singapore has managed to provide all the necessary and important facilities within your reach. The developers always focus on making the apps more sophisticated and unique and with time numerous numbers of unique apps are coming in store. The android app store offers a variety of applications from which one can choose the ones that are apt for them. The sole purpose of the mobile apps is to provide convenience and also has an entertainment value added to them. One can play innumerable number of games through downloading apps. Starting from weather forecast, national, international or local news, users can get access to information and news from all corners of the world, provided they download the necessary app. An app can be both useful as well as entertaining.

There are more than many reasons for app development in Singapore. Sometimes, developers come up with new apps in order to amplify a certain brand or a business, outsourcing after developing a gaming, entertainment or productivity app is also quite common. If you are a developer and developing a new app for your company or customers, the popularity of the app in the app store or market can fetch you with heavy profit margins. There are certain ways through which the companies and developers advertise their apps in the market.

It’s not necessary or mandatory for the app developers in Singapore to always be associated with a software company or app development company. Sometimes the developers can work on their own or independently and launch their app in the store or sell it to a renowned company. Building successful apps can make apps developer millionaire overnight. To paint a brighter picture about what apps are, one must know that they are pieces of self-contained software that are mainly designed to be used in cellular or mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets. There are apps that are built mainly with the purpose of entertaining users such as gaming, travel, music and food apps. There are also apps that provide information such as news including foreign, local as well business along with travel advisories, etc. Some apps are designed for practical utility as well. E-mailing, Instant Messaging and also photography editing software apps are considered to fulfill the practical purposes. The concept of apps came into the picture since iPhone was launched and since then it is believed over 300 million apps have already been sold.


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Make You Websites The Best With The Help Of Professional Web Designers – 4. December, 2013

In today’s world the power of technology and internet is embraced widely and it is also being used by various businesses to increase their profit margin. Starting from governments, commercial groups to firm owners and education system – everyone is using the benefits of web designing. Having a top quality website can enable you to increase the reputation of your organization. At the same time it can also help you to enhance your business widely in the industry.

There are two kinds of websites – static and dynamic. Different kinds of websites are used for different products and the charges also vary as per the designing. Packages for website design in Singapore are available and one can choose from it as per their requirements.

You can find out an endless number of website design agency in Singapore to choose from. It is important to find out the history of the web designing company while choosing it for your project. Make sure to look for the samples of its work as well as for the clients for whom the company has worked till date. The work of a web designing company not only limits to designing. It is the responsibility of a web designing company to nourish their clients with proper maintenance of a website along with regular updates. Some companies tend to give up only after completing a web project, leaving their clients in a total mess. There are some companies who are experienced to offer the service of logo design in Singapore. Therefore, while hiring a company it is important to find out the after sale services that it will provide.

If you have low budget then you can directly approach a company and consult about their custom website design packages because in these sought of plans you can get various services bundled together for a small price. Before approaching company it is necessary to get a thorough concept about its services and past records. This is possible only by visiting the website of the company.

Suppose, you finally handover your online shopping website design in the hands of a particular web company it is important to have a briefing stage and planning. You need to make sure that the company you have selected has experience to design e-commerce website in Singapore. It is also necessary to determine the type of website design services that you want as well as the kind of website that your company needs. It also includes several other factors like the number of web pages, design layouts, the technology you want to use and so on. A custom website design agency is the preferable choice for every individual over a web designer because an agency generally has their own teams. These teams comprise of various members and each of them excels in some or other web related activities. The prices charged by agencies are also lower than what is charged by individual web designers. For more information on logo design in Singapore, click here


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Attractive And Unique Website Names – 23. October, 2013

The biggest advantage when the company does its domain registration in Singapore, is that it gets the facelift of an international organization. In their own country, since competitors also want to register their domain locally either now or later, one may not get the required domain name. If the same is provided via Singapore, it becomes easy and simple and moreover fast. The rates are also low and only simple procedures needs to be followed while registering the domain name. That is why day by day there has been a tremendous increase in the list of the companies who wish to have their domain names registered in Singapore.

Email Hosting – as the name suggests is the service of providing email names and ids to the clients. Most of the service providers will restrict the customers in terms of adding new mail ids. Upcoming companies will find it very difficult because when it appoints new employees into the organization, they will not be able to provide individual mail ids to the new joiners. This will be totally eradicated as there is no limit to add new ids. At the same time, if the same names gets repeated it will indicate the customer on this and will also suggest about an alternative id.

VPS Hosting is nothing but Virtual Private Servers. Linux administrators’ will know the value and the need for having individual and separate servers. Each and every organization should always have dedicated servers which prevents their company from leaking of information and internal matters. There are very less chance for their systems getting corrupted or affected by virus. This can be used both in Linux as well as Windows. The firewall security is the most efficient device which acts as a protector to your machines. The speed in which it works is amazing. The prizes are not so costly and that is why all organizations prefer this product.

Cloud hosting, this has gained a significant position in today’s computing concepts. This is one gate way where the organizations can store and protect all their web applications, and their websites. In case there are files which are important and needs to be preserved it is possible through cloud hosting like storing of files and having a backup of important documents. The method of configuring different servers in an highly safety and secured and efficient manner is called cloud hosting. This is like sharing and caring in a singular platform. This gives scope for saving huge money spent on individual servers. This system of late has been got wide acceptance rate.

Domain Name Service or DNS is a technical term which is used to explain the functioning of the internet servers. With the help of this Domain Name System, the website address will convert itself in the form of numeric codes which is popularly known as IP address. When the website name is typed on the internet menu bar, it automatically tries to capture the numeric versions of the given site which is unique and non repeatable in nature.

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