Becoming A Better Swimmer – March 7th, 2018

Swimming is a useful skill that a lot more people should learn today. Not only does it make water sports activities more fun, but it is also a great way to spend your time exercising your body, for it helps you keep your body fitness at high levels all the time. Learning to swim is not that difficult, for there are many classes and instructors out there ready to help you. Nevertheless, you may not always achieve the best swimming performance at first: this is something that takes time in order to perfect, so here are some useful tips in order to make yourself a better swimmer as time goes by.

 Practice Constantly

 A lot of people only swim during the summer season, when they visit the beach or go to a nearby pool for some fun. Then they will hardly ever wade in water until the next summer, which means that they really don’t get a lot of practice under the belt in the meantime. So the first step to becoming a better swimmer is to attend practice constantly. If you feel bored or have some free time during the day, consider enrolling yourself in practice swimming lessons Singapore.

 Remember to Warm Up Before Getting Into a Pool

 Warming up is a must before each and every swimming session? It helps you to loosen your body and avoid muscle cramps if you are doing any intensive swimming. Basic stretching and sit-ups are all you need to do before wading in the pool.

 Learn How to Breathe

 In order to swim faster over long distances, you need to learn how to control your breathing properly. This will help you improve your performances quite drastically, so this is a major area in which you need to improve yourself for competitive purposes. You will need to learn how to exhale properly underwater: this can take some time, so practice until it becomes a second habit.

 Structure Your Lessons in Order to Get the Most Out of Them

 Your swimming classes and lessons must be structured in such a way that you actually get something out of your every day or weekly training. If you don’t have much of an idea on how to do this yourself, consider hiring a personal swimming instructor for the first few months. He or she should be able to draw up a basic fitness plan for your swimming sessions.

 Try Out Different Strokes

 In swimming, there are various strokes which need to be mastered if you want to call yourself a good swimmer. Sometimes, those who don’t excel in a particular stroke may fare better in a completely different style. Thus, you need to experiment to find out what’s best for yourself.


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