Amazing Wardrobe Creations To Your House – December 7th, 2017

Interior design closet ideas are not very easy to find, so here are some ideas that might suit your thoughts.

Creating a wardrobe design Singapore properly includes making use of the space efficiently and giving a new look to the room. So when you are thinking of having your closet designed, make sure if the floor space allocate is convenient.

Some bedrooms are designed with closed wardrobes while some it open. The open kook actually gives a more spacious look to the bedroom while the closed creates a boundary to the bedroom.

Having a walk in wardrobe will actually help you find your belts, shoes, shirts, trousers and socks from one place and you can also find them easily and fast. This is actually the dream of every woman who doesn’t have one. 

There are 2 shapes in creating such wardrobes, a “U” shaped or an “L” shaped closet. Do note to have the closet designed in the same color palette as your bedroom is, to give a batter look. Many designers have recommended to have the floor surface be covered as well, you can used patterned rugs, carpets that suits your bedroom.

 Also, make sure you buy adequate amount of closets and shelves according to your needs and have space to keep your shoes and have a dress point as well. Have a floor length mirror as well, this will add give the place a bigger look, more of an illusion of additional space. You need not to have all drawers, shelves to you height and lower, have some reach the top and keep your unused and unworn items in it.

Have one piece of furniture in the middle so as to help you sit when putting on shoes or keep your chosen clothes, and also have a charging point(plug point), since you will be spending time ironing and maybe have your mobile charging while you’re there.

Before you built up the closet, think about the lighting, do not that wardrobes are usually designed opposite the windows of your bedroom. So you need good lights and some extra LED attached to the walls. The smaller the space, the louder the light.

While wire shelving in closet design is quite affordable, it does not take much time to be installed either and it doesn’t need any serious maintenance as well. But not many likes this wire shelving method, as it gives metal details to the bedroom and might decrease the elegance.

Hope the above designing tips will help you create your dream closet.


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